Save Even More When You Purchase a Ductless Heat Pump

No one likes to shell out serious money in order to replace an old heating and cooling unit that’s working “good enough” (although that is generous). Surely there must be a way to help finance such an expensive appliance upgrade?

Did you know that you know that you can save up to $800 when you purchase a high efficiency ductless heat pump?

As long as the unit has a SEER rating of 15, and an HSPF rating of at least 8.5, you are eligible to receive this kind of rebate through BC Hydro’s website.

Ideal Energy Solutions highly recommends the Fujitsu RLS3 ductless mini split heat pump. In addition to far exceeding both of these energy efficiency criteria, this sleek unit also has an unmatched lead in maximum heat output and warranty. Learn more about this amazing piece of technology here.

With the added savings on monthly energy bills by making the switch to a high efficiency heat pump, that money you’re shelling out will eventually land back in your pockets, with the added benefit of perfect household comfort.

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