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One of the most popular and versatile HVAC setups, with one component inside and one outside, this style allows for a wide array of air conditioning unit options, provided your home is equipped to handle the installation of ducts.

How it works

With both an indoor and outdoor unit working together, these systems are able to move hot and cold air through your home by relying on ducts and furnaces installed in closets or crawl spaces. This makes them visually unobtrusive, as the grilles at the mouths of the air ducts can be purchased in a variety of styles in order to match the decor of the room.

Pros and Cons of Standard Ducted Split Systems


The most affordable HVAC system available, provided all of the requisite ductwork has been done

Many different options for types of indoor and outdoor units available, including air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces and air handlers

Only one indoor unit is required to regulate the temperature in multiple areas of your home

Both the quiet operating noise as well as the unobtrusive design that can be matched to the decor of your household make it aesthetically pleasing


If ductwork is needed, the high installation costs make this option a lot less financially attractive

Generally possess a much lower efficiency rating than ductless systems, which can add more cost to your monthly household energy bill

Maintenance costs for these types of HVAC systems are typically much higher than other types

Air quality is often reduced unless it is coupled with additional accessories and equipment such as UV air filters and air exchangers

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