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With the ability to be installed in homes that are unable to have ductwork done, these sleek, quiet, and efficient systems can cool multiple rooms at once, and as a result are Ideal Energy Solution’s number one choice for best HVAC system.

How it works

By utilizing both an indoor and outdoor unit similar to the ones found in a traditional split system, these systems are able to regulate the temperature of multiple units at once. This is accomplished by a compressor which applies pressure to refrigerant running through lines that attach the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. Excess heat is exhausted via a fan, while cold air is able to be pushed into your home.

With these ductless systems, instead of using multiple air ducts to move cold air throughout the entire household, multiple indoor units are attached to the rooms themselves, with many models having separate remote controls for each unit; this means multiple areas of your home can be set to different temperatures simultaneously.

The biggest draw of these systems is that no ductwork is required, which cuts down heavily on costs. Even with the lower price tag, they also end up being even more efficient than most standard split system heat pumps and air conditioners.

Pros and Cons of Ductless Split Systems


No ductwork required for these systems to function, which greatly reduces the cost of installation

Extremely high SEER (efficiency) ratings that outclass standard split system heat pumps and air conditioners which greatly reduces monthly energy costs

Multiple indoor units can be installed at once, which means multiple zones in your home can be regulated at different temperatures simultaneously

Extremely quiet operating noise-level means makes this system barely audible and therefore will not distract from daily household activities

In general, these systems can provide cleaner air quality when compared to ducted systems, as they do not collect the particles and debris that result from air being pushed through ducts


The units themselves cost about 30% more than a similar unit for standard duct-based split system

Somewhat fewer options for heating and cooling units available (you cannot choose to install a furnace with this system, for example)

The indoor units, depending on the type of unit chosen, must be present and visible in the area which they are housed, which might be aesthetically unappealing to some customers

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