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For homes that are tight on space and are unable to accommodate either ducted or ductless split systems, this option combines heating and air conditioning into a single unit that can be used in confined spaces and rooms throughout your home.

How it Works

Being combined into a single unit means that all of the heating and air conditioning is controlled via a single unit which can be placed outdoors, thereby mitigating noise on the interior of the home.

Pros and Cons of Packaged Systems


Reduced noise due to the components being housed outside of the building

Saves a lot of space inside of your home due to all of the parts being located on the exterior of the building

Technicians will only need to service one location in your home, instead of multiple areas which is the case with split systems


Because all of the parts are located outside, they tend to wear out faster than other systems due to weather conditions

Far less efficient than split systems, which increases their monthly upkeep costs

Still requires ducts to be operational, which can lead to increased installation costs, as well as decreased air quality due to debris collected in vents

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