penticton heat pumps air conditioning hvac refrigeration

Time for an Upgrade?

Is your current system on its way out, or does it seem to be performing less efficiently than usual? Older units and central air systems only last so long; whether you’re in need of a single unit replacement or an entire building, Ideal Energy Solutions can meet all of your heating and air conditioning needs with the help of the best technology on the market.

There are many great advantages to switching your old, worn-out unit for a modern, technologically advanced model

penticton heat pumps air conditioning hvac refrigeration
penticton heat pumps air conditioning hvac refrigeration

Reduced monthly energy costs

With high efficiency modern air conditioning technology that have SEER ratings of nearly 30, a newer unit will fare much better for your financial bottom line

Fewer Repairs Required

While minor maintenance is always a good idea on a unit no matter how old it is, you will be able to rest easy knowing that there will be no surprises from your new unit for a good long while

Increased Value for Your Home

It’s always attractive to potential real estate shoppers to see high quality appliances in any home they are viewing. By having a more contemporary heating and cooling system in your household, it will likely benefit from an increase of monetary value.

Better for the Environment

The environment will greatly benefit with the purchase of a newer heating and air conditioning system. By switching to a unit that has an improved efficiency rating, less energy will be wasted in order to produce the same amount of airflow throughout your home.

Expired Warranty on Current System

If the warranty on your current heating and/or air conditioning unit has expired, repairs and part replacements will become much more expensive due to the parts no longer being covered by the manufacturer. If this is the case, it is likely wiser to use that increased price tag to purchase a brand new system with a brand new warranty.

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