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As the largest North American-based manufacturer of water heating and cooling products, Rheem has established itself on the world stage with its highly efficient and versatile household heating solutions.

High-Efficiency Furnaces

With an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating of over 96%, the Prestige model will keep your heating bill well under budget while additionally being highly eco-friendly

WI-FI compatibility allows you to control all heating aspects within your home with the simple use of a personal mobile device

The two-stage operation system uses a low-speed setting to offer a more consistently regulated indoor environment that will switch to a higher-speed mode during peak cold-weather conditions

Rheem furnaces come standard-issue with the exclusive PlusOne Ignition system, one of the most reliable ignition systems on the market, as well as the PlusOne Water Management System, which recognizes any drain blockage instantly in order to prevent potential water damage to your home

20 SEER Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners

The trademarked EcoNet Smart Home System ensures that your household will have the perfect marriage of energy savings and maximum comfort

Both the PlusOne Expanded Valve Space and Triple Service Access makes repairs and maintenance a breeze with easy access to each unit’s internal hardware and components

Defrost optimization in addition to rust-resistant hardware and finishing allows these pumps to look and function like new in even the coldest winter conditions

The enhanced tubing and improved mufflers greatly reduces interior vibrations while also keeping the unit’s volume to a minimum

Ask the Ideal Team how you can use Rheem products to fully optimize the hot water and air conditioning in your home today.


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