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As the largest North American-based manufacturer of water heating and cooling products, Rheem has established itself on the world stage with its highly efficient and versatile household heating solutions.

Hybrid Heat Pump Water Tanks

The most efficient water heater on the market, with 50, 65 and 80 gallon capacity options and a 10-year warranty period

The ability to deliver hot water on demand faster than most other models on the market as well as the widest ambient operating range available gives these hybrid models a major competitive edge

The ease of installation into any household coupled with the variety of operation modes, including Energy Saver and High Demand modes, make this unit one of the most versatile water heaters available

WI-FI compatibility allows you to control your household hot water supply with the simple use of a personal mobile device, or simply change the settings using the user-friendly on board LCD control screen.

Ask the Ideal Team how you can use Rheem products to fully optimize the air conditioning and heating in your home today.


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