The Benefits of Replacing Your HVAC System

By the Ideal Team

With the busy lifestyle that so often surrounds our adult lives, it is unsurprising that the average homeowner overlooks or ignores their aging household HVAC system. This can be detrimental to your household airflow, budget, and overall feeling of security.

With the rate of technological growth continuing to skyrocket each and every year, you might be surprised to discover that there are a great many benefits to replacing your old system with a more modern one.

The biggest questions we get asked about HVAC system replacement are: when is the right time to replace, and would it be better to repair a unit instead?

There are many different methods that have been circulated around the internet in order to assist the layman in determining the best answer to this question, including the infamous $5000 Rule; this method is performed by multiplying the cost of repairs by a factor of 10, and if it exceeds $5000, then it would be better to replace your system instead of trying to maintain a dying unit. Energy Star has also provided a well-constructed checklist of when it is time to replace your unit instead of attempting to get it repaired.

But the truth is that replacing your household’s old system does not have to be a negative or painful experience. There are a great many benefits to updating your heating and air conditioning that could leave you richer, more comfortable, and happier.

Let’s take a look at why partnering with Ideal Energy Solutions to replace your outdated HVAC system could benefit you in the long run.

Age of Unit

Typically, most heat pumps can be expected to last about 10 years (furnaces are about 15). If the unit installed in your home has been properly maintained throughout the years by a certified HVAC technician, it is possible to prolong its lifespan for up to an additional 5 years.

However, if your heat pump has cleared the 10 year mark, it is more likely that any money put towards its repair is keeping it on life-support, and would be better spent updating to a more modern unit.

Rising Energy Costs

As the lifespan of your HVAC system increases, your household energy costs are also likely to increase simultaneously. This is because the heating and air conditioning inside of your home is often one of the hardest working appliances, which results in reduced efficiency as a result of consistent wear and tear. With the newer parts included on new system, you are guaranteed to receive a much lower monthly energy bill.

Additionally, modern HVAC units have far better SEER ratings than aged units, due to better technology. A great example of this is the Fujitsu RLS3 Ductless Heat Pump, which has a SEER rating of nearly 30, while units that are 10 years old or even more would be lucky to have a rating of 12.

Greater Home Value

Let’s face it – baseboard heaters and window-based air conditioners are very unattractive to future real estate hunters looking to purchase your home. With the unobtrusive design of a ductless mini-split heat pump that comes complete with many great features such as a remote for optimum control over your home airflow, you will be situated in a highly effective bargaining posture should you decide to sell your household in the future.

Environmentally Friendly

With more awareness sprouting up around the issue of the environment and the many problems surrounding it, you can help combat environmental distress by keeping your household energy usage to a minimum.

By upgrading your unit from an older model with a very low SEER rating and switching to one of the newer high-efficiency models, you will not only increase the general comfort of your home, but will also drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Warranty Expired or Parts Unavailable

Frequently, when a heating and/or air conditioning unit has been pushed beyond its intended lifespan, one of two things are likely to happen. Either your warranty on replacement parts has expired, or the parts in question are no longer being manufactured. In both of these cases, it can prove to be a financially disastrous decision to attempt to try to repair the unit, and is a very good indicator that it’s time to consider replacing it.

Desire to Switch Systems Altogether

Perhaps you have an old furnace heating your home coupled with a rusty old air conditioning unit to keep things cool in the summer time. With a heat pump, you can accomplish both of these tasks with a single unit in a manner that takes up less space in your home and provides even greater comfort with an even higher efficiency rating. Even without ductwork being present in your home, Ideal Energy Solutions can assist you with the installation of a mini-split heat pump that is sure to keep your household air flow at optimum levels.

Financial Rebates

While the Canada Revenue Agency currently does not offer any tax rebates for choosing energy efficient HVAC systems, did you know that BC Hydro offers a financial rebate of up to $800 when you install a ductless heat pump system into your home? This can greatly offset the costs of having to install a new unit.

Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, there’s nothing worse than constantly having to hold your aged HVAC system’s hand with a seemingly infinite number of repairs, financial burden and time wasted. By keeping your household appliances up to date, you can rest easy knowing that you can get on your day without worrying about when your heating and air conditioning unit is going to kick the bucket and put a dent in your wallet.

Why wait?

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