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Without a doubt, vanEE has built a name for itself as the leader in North American air exchanger systems since its inception in response to energy security concerns that occurred during the energy crisis of the early 1970’s

ERV & HRV Air Exchangers

Extremely reliable and durable design which is easily installed into into all households

Efficient, Energy Star certified products that will save you money while keeping the air in your household fresh and clean

Quiet operating volume means that you won’t be sacrificing the ambiance of your home for clean air

A variety of models to suit your needs – everything from power-consumption, to size, to recovery ventilation type – can be carefully chosen to suit your individual residential needs

Attractive 5-year warranty included with most models to guarantee that the quality of the air in your home will not be impeded by mechanical issues

ERV vs. HRV – What’s the difference?


Energy Recovery Ventilators recover both heat and humidity (known as enthalpy transfer)

Best choice in dry winter environments and in humid summer environments, as this system will maintain a consistent humidity as needed in your home

Will keep an excess of humidity from entering your home and from leaving your home

Ensures that wood products in your home will not experience over-drying


Heat Recovery Ventilators recover heat only and do not regulate humidity

Best choice in cold humid winter environments, as this system will remove excess humidity from your household

The amount of energy required to bring outside air up to ambient room temperature is reduced

Heat is exchanged by passing through separate channels through the ventilator core without mixing

Ask the Ideal Energy Solutions team how you can use vanEE air exchangers to fully regulate the air quality in your home today.


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