Why Fujitsu Makes the Best Mini Split Heat Pumps

By the Ideal Team

It can be a little overwhelming to truly decide which heat and air conditioning products are the best for your home. Customers are often fed a wide array of buzzwords and sales maneuvers that make a product sound appealing, without actually giving them an understanding as to why they should buy a particular product.

That is why it’s important to have objective data and statistics that fully disclose the specifications of the product, as well as an understanding of what these data points mean for the heating and cooling of your home.

Below is a chart which indicates the specifications of the leading mini split heat pump units. Examining the data provided on the chart below will allow for a thorough comparison of each, and will demonstrate why Ideal Energy chooses Fujitsu products.

penticton heat pumps air conditioning hvac refrigeration

The areas which have been colored green on this table indicate which unit is best-in-class in that given area.

Right away, it can be clearly seen that Fujitsu is leading the pack in the majority of the specifications. But what do these numbers mean for the temperature and comfort of your home when you choose a Fujitsu ductless mini split? Let’s take a more in-depth look at the data shown.

BTU’s Rated

This rating indicates the overall cooling capacity of a unit. Generally speaking, this indicates how powerful a unit is. However, a common mistake that homeowners make is gauging the quality of a heat pump using solely this value, without also considering the overall efficiency of the unit. Being that all of these models listed have the same value of 12 000, there is no need to compare them in this category.

BTU Heating Max

The maximum heating output is indicated by this value, which is always higher than the cooling potential of any given unit. All three of the Fujitsu models are the clear winners here, having nearly 2500 more BTU’s than the next runner-up. What this means is that the extra heating potential could be used to provide extra warmth for cooler areas of your home, such as a basement. This will ensure that you’ll never have to suffer through the cold of another Okanagan winter again… at least while you’re indoors.

Energy Star?

This value simply indicates whether or not a unit has been certified by Energy Star, which is a government-based organization which ensures that all products bearing its seal meet strict guidelines for energy efficiency ratings.

To learn more about Energy Star, please follow this link to their website.

HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor)

This indicates the overall efficiency of a unit when it produces heat. This means that the higher the HSPF rating, the less it costs to produce the same amount of heat when compared to a model with a lower rating. When looking at the Fujitsu models, particularly the RLS3, you have a very high-efficiency rating. Having an HSPF value of 14 means that the RLS3 can produce over 4 times as much heat as it consumes in electricity, while the Mitsubishi 12FH, the next runner-up in this category, produces closer to 3.5 times what it consumes in electricity. That can make a huge difference in the cost of your household energy bill over the course of a long winter.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)

This is similar to the HSPF value, the difference being that it measures the average cost of a unit’s cooling output. A heat pump will have both an HSPF and a SEER value, whereas a basic air conditioning unit will only have a SEER value. Just like the HSPF value, the higher the SEER value, the more efficiently and cost-effectively it can produce the same amount of cold air than a unit with a lower SEER value. Again, we see that the Fujitsu RLS3 is leading the herd in this category. Having both the highest HSPF and SEER values means that the Fujitsu RLS3 is easily the most energy efficient ductless mini split heat pump available on the market.

Operating Temperature

The operating temperature simply means the lowest ambient (not including wind-chill) temperature that the outdoor unit of the heat pump can be exposed to before starting to lose a little bit of efficiency. This does NOT mean that the unit will cease to function; it will simply not do the job quite as effectively as it would under normal outdoor temperature conditions. While the RLS3 does slightly surrender its winning streak to some of the other models listed on the table, a difference in 4 degrees is highly negligible, especially in a place like Penticton, where the coldest temperature on record is only -18.6 degrees. Odds are that you’ll never miss those 4 degrees while you’re saving all that money because of your hyper-efficient heat pump unit.

Air Flow

This rating tells you how much air the unit moves in cubic feet per minute. While not on top of the heap in this category, the Fujitsu RLS3 provides a respectable air flow of 489 cubic feet per minute, and are the runner-up in this category, bested only by the LG LA12HYV unit. However, that unit also pales in overall efficiency ratings in comparison to the RLS3, meaning that the extra air flow you’re getting from the LG model is costing you far more to keep around.

Noise Level

As the name implies, this is the range of audible noise that can be produced by a particular heat pump unit. While the Fujitsu RLS3 is not the leader in this category, the difference in potential noise from the leading competitors is only a factor of 3 decibels, a difference that is barely noticeable to the human ear. Therefore, this is not a deal breaker for the RLS3 by any means.


Perhaps more impressive than the technical specifications of the Fujitsu RLS3 – or any Fujitsu product, for that matter – is the impressive warranty package that is included with it. It’s always important to make sure any warranty that you receive with a product includes both parts AND labor. So often it is the case that customers believe that they have received a warranty that will last them many years, only to find out that they are still required to foot the bill for the labor even though the parts are free.

This is where Fujitsu truly shines.

With a 10 year warranty that includes both parts and labor, you can have confidence that Fujitsu believes in the high quality of their products, and will support that claim by providing their customers with the best possible guarantee on the market.

Never gamble on the quality of your household appliances. Go with Fujitsu to guarantee that your air conditioning needs are completely taken care of. The data speaks for itself.

Ask the Ideal Team how you can use Fujitsu ductless air-conditioning units to fully optimize the heating in your home today.


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