Why You Should Avoid DIY HVAC Repairs

By the Ideal Team

The internet is rife with Do-It-Yourself guides for just about everything from carpentry to embroidery. For some people it is seen as a hobbyist past time, while for others, taking care of household repairs themselves is seen as a simple way to save a few bucks.

And while there are a few simple tune-ups in the HVAC industry that are safe and reasonably simple to do without sufficient training, such as changing the air filter, the heating and air conditioning industry, by and large, is one that should be left to the professionals. And that means professionals who have been certified by Red Seal’s vigorous training standards – not the uncertified handyman who offers you a “steal of a deal.”

The list of reasons that doing your own HVAC repairs and maintenance should be avoided are a mile long. We’ve narrowed it down to some of the biggest reasons as to why it is always better to call a certified professional to inspect and fix your heating and/or air conditioning unit.

Personal Safety

It might come as some surprise to those outside of the industry, but servicing heating and air conditioning units is a very dangerous job. So dangerous, in fact, that it has been listed as one of the most dangerous jobs by USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Career Builder.

So what is it about the HVAC industry that makes its working conditions so dangerous?

The first thing to consider are the dangerous chemicals and toxins that are required in order to make the units in your household run. Substances like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and most importantly cooling refrigerant chemicals, can all be released and infect your household air quality with one careless mistake.

Secondly, air conditioners are very powerful machines, and are thus powered by high voltages of electric current. If you’re trying to repair any of the wiring without the right tools or training, you could wind up receiving an electric shock which could be fatal.

The third major hazard comes from natural gas powered units, such as furnaces. There have been a number of cases where a furnace has caught on fire and exploded due to improper maintenance, which has resulted in severe home damage as well as fatal injuries. To avoid this, certified technicians are required to have the rigorous training needed to be a ticketed gas fitter to enable them to properly work and service gas lines.

At Ideal Energy Solutions, we have all of the proper training and tools to tackle all of your household heating and air conditioning needs. There is no need to endanger your life in order to get well-regulated air into your home.

Regulations Around Refrigerant

Yet another point of information that is oft unknown to those not in the industry is the laws and regulations around who can handle cooling refrigerant and how it is to be properly disposed of. The Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) stipulates that, “Only a certified person may do work (installing, servicing, leak testing, charging or other work that may result in the release of a halocarbon) on a refrigeration or air-conditioning system.”

So in addition to endangering your health by trying to replace the highly toxic halocarbons in your heat pump or air conditioner, you are likely also breaking the law.

Not to mention, it’s very important that our technicians not only understand how to refill and dispose of refrigerant, but we must also ensure to never mix a different coolant with the one already existing in your home’s refrigeration lines. Mixing two or more substance is a big no-no in the industry, and could result in major damage to your cooling system.

Proper Troubleshooting

Certified HVAC technicians are required to do everything to code, which means that they must follow strict guidelines when carrying out their labor. This means that they have a well-trained eye to notice any potential problems and have experience performing proper diagnostics on your heating and air conditioning units.

Perhaps you have found a small problem that you were able to correctly fix yourself by examining the unit to the best of your ability. How can you be certain that there aren’t other, more expensive repairs just around the corner that, if fixed before they became a problem, could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars?

To prevent this unfortunate scenario from playing out, our team ensures that a thorough inspection of your entire system is made every time we service and maintain your home. Instead of spending your time endlessly stressing over the dubious status of your heating or air conditioning unit, let our team give you peace of mind; we guarantee that you will never have to worry about your heat pump, furnace or air conditioner again.

Obtaining the Correct Parts

Assuming you were able to correctly diagnose your heating or air conditioning unit’s problem in the first place, you would then need to understand what part is needed, where to obtain it, and how to order it. You might be looking for a piece of equipment that is so old and out of date that it would be difficult to find for anyone without proper connections within the industry.

Certified HVAC companies will likely have the majority of requisite parts on hand, and if this is not the case, they will have the proper connections and understanding of how to get these parts. And they will be able to do it much faster.

The Problem Could Be Made Worse

You might have watched a few YouTube videos pertaining to the issue that your heating and cooling system might be displaying and decided to tackle it yourself. Little did you know that your attempts to service the unit have actually caused the problem to become even bigger, or worse, you’ve created another issue altogether.

We have seen this scenario play out many times, and the biggest reason that we strongly urge against it is that we know that the problem will end up costing our customers far more after it has been exacerbated by poor attempts at repairing it.

Instead of gambling on what you think the root problem with your household heating and cooling might be, go with the sure thing. Get in touch with us, and we’ll send one of our highly trained technicians to your home right away.

The Warranty Could Be Compromised

A little known fact about most HVAC units on the market is that the warranty can be instantly voided if serviced by someone who is not a certified technician. So while it might seem financially savvy to attempt fixing issues on your own in order to avoid paying for labor costs, it will likely end up costing you more in the long run when your system requires replacement parts that you would have been guaranteed as part of your warranty package.

Don’t settle for a hack job. The Ideal Team can ensure that you will never encounter any of the aforementioned issues, and will work hard to deliver the best heating and air conditioning service in the entire Okanagan right into your home.

Ask the Ideal Team about performing maintenance and repairs on your HVAC system today.


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